Brand Narratives and Content Marketing Services

Converting bytes into conversations and conversions:

  1. Context: What are people talking about? Themes… Topics… Opinions… that matter most.
  2. Connect: Who are the people and audiences you should care about? We establish actionable strategies that enable the optimization of organic, placed, or curated Narratives, through intelligence-based story-telling methodologies.
  3. Captivate: Elevate the playing field and develop higher engagement content and more dynamic relations with stakeholders

Choose the package that is best for you:

The below packages are specially designed for SME’s. If your organization requires more sophisticated analysis, customized deep listening tools, and/or more elaborate multimedia content strategies, click here to setup a video call with one of our experts.

Social Networks Professionally Managed
Community Management 5 hours per week
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn
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AI Optimized Media Placent
Community Management 7.5 hours per week
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn
2 Blog posts per week
Listening Dashboard
SEO / SEM optimization
Digital Media Placement and Content Boosting
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